City Hall Facility Planning Open House will be at City Hall on Tuesday, April 22

An Open House to discuss the possible repair or replacement of Normandy Park’s aging City Hall will be held (at City Hall) on Tuesday, April 22.

“At the regular Council meeting on April 8, 2014, City Manager Glenn Akramoff presented options to the Normandy Park City Council for the repair/replacement of the aging City Hall,” reads an announcement. “This meeting was not a finalization of any option, just a direction for the City Manager to follow-up on. The options presented to Council were as follows:

  1. Lease Towne Center facility and create a long term plan for the existing City Hall and Recreation Center using a public process.
  2. Build a future City Hall and Recreation Center on the current site – relocate to another site during construction.
  3. Rehabilitate the existing City Hall and Recreation Center – relocate to another site during construction.
  4. Rehabilitate existing Recreation Center and build a future City Hall on our current site – relocation would not be required.

The Council voted 4-1 to allow the City Manager to obtain a draft lease agreement with Kidder Mathews for the leasing of over 6,000 sq. ft of office space at the Normandy Park Towne Center, 19801 1st Ave S. This draft lease agreement will be brought back to Council at the regular meeting on May 13th. Between now and May 13th, Normandy Park staff and Council Members are interested in hearing your opinion on the potential move to Towne Center and the construction of a new City Hall and Recreation Center.

Citizens are invited to a public open house on April 22nd at Normandy Park City Hall, 801 SW 174th St. This event will start at 5:30 PM and go until 9:00 PM. There will be representatives from Kidder Mathews Commercial Real Estate Firm, David A. Clark Architects, and Normandy Park City staff. The agenda for the open house is as follows:

  • 5:30 – 7:00 – City Hall tours beginning every twenty minutes with City staff.
  • 7:00 – 8:30 – Informational meeting with City staff, Kidder Mathews, and David A. Clark Architects. 8:30 – 9:00 – Question and Answer period for the audience.

There will be more updates to follow. Please encourage any of your friends/neighbors/relatives who live in Normandy Park to sign up on our social media sites to stay informed of what is going on. If you are planning on attending this event, please email Police Chief Chris Gaddis at [email protected] so we can get an accurate count for the room requirements. A City Hall Task Force will also be created in May. This Task Force will be made up of community members and supported by city staff. The purpose of the Task Force is to evaluate the location, size, and use of a future City Hall and Recreation Center.


One Response to “City Hall Facility Planning Open House will be at City Hall on Tuesday, April 22”
  1. Kathleen Waters says:

    Here is some additional information that property owners and voters in Normandy Park should know:
    1. The April 22 event at city hall is the only public opportunity for you to voice your ideas before a decision comes to the city council on May 13 to sign a 5 year lease with the Towne Center.
    2.. On April 22 the public has half an hour to ask question. No formal or recorded comments are mentioned are an option for those who attend.
    3. a. The lease will tie us up to a contract before we’ve considered and decided on what will happen to the current city hall building(s) and b. what we are going to do about a permanent city hall.
    4. The city manager proposed only two options to the city council at the meeting on April 8: Discuss and sign the lease at the next meeting, May 13 or do nothing and risk offending the Towne Center’s rental company, Kidder-Mathews.
    5. A lease will be signed and then, and only then will the public be invited to weigh in on where a new city hall will be placed. This is planned to happen thru a task force.
    6. Kudos to Shawn McEvoy who was the voice of reason at the April 8 meeting. He voted against rushing ahead with this (backward) plan to sign a lease and then ask the public to help find a solution to a) what to do with the current city hall when its vacated and b) tie us up to a 5 year lease while we figure out what to do about the old city hall AND the new city hall.
    7. I am planning an opportunity to talk together with you in the next few weeks.. It will be open to comments and suggestions from the public.. P,lease get in touch with me thru my contact information to keep posted as to the time and place: [email protected] or see website for phone #.
    8. To re-cap: There’s a plan to move out of city hall to Towne Center before we’ve prepared a detailed financial and strategic plan to determine what will replace the old city hall. We have no site, no detailed analysis linked to a detailed financial plan and no public input at this time regarding the building of a new city hall.
    9. What we do have available regarding this decision is limited alternatives that you can read, as made available in the announcement in this blog.

    I missed the April 8 meeting but I sent a message that suggested we slow down on this decision until we have much more information and public commentary in order to have a much longer and inclusive list of alternatives. To do this, I suggest that we put together a community task force or ad hoc committee headed by co-council members. The goal is to explore our options and key issues and set a deadline to have the results, ie., : fix the current city hall and use it until we have a plan to replace it; define what could be done with a city hall that is repaired and functional but still the same size, etc.; determine what the community wants regarding the site, style and function of a new city hall, for example do people want a senior center or recreational facilities. We could pick a date for completion of the task force and then proceed to decide whether we need to or can afford to move into a leased 5 year temporary location. These are just some top of the head ideas that I would like to hear back on from the public .

    Please put a stake in this important community change. THANKS!

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