Suspicious package found at Normandy Park Market



Photos courtesy Normandy Park Police Department

A suspicious package caused Normandy Park Police to call in the Port of Seattle bomb squad Friday afternoon (April 11) to investigate a package in the parking lot of the Normandy Park Market, but no bomb materials were found.

Police Chief Chris Gaddis said Normandy Park officers were dispatched to the Towne Center at 2:11 p.m. after Paul Wilcox, the owner of the grocery store, reported that one of his customers had spotted a “suspicious package” in the parking lot.

“Wilcox investigated the package and determined a call to the police was appropriate,” Gaddis said. “Officers were already in the parking lot when the call came out. When they looked into the bag they were concerned for their safety and that of the customers in the parking lot.

“The parking lot to the Normandy Park Market was temporarily closed,” the chief said. “The Port of Seattle Bomb Squad was called and quickly responded.”

He said the bomb squad set up their equipment, then closed down the parking lot and the package was investigated and determined to be safe.

“There were no bomb materials in the package,” Gaddis said.

“I would like to thank the citizens who helped identify this package and called 911 immediately,” the chief said. “We do not mess around with potential explosive material. We cannot take a chance that it is not real, we have to treat these like explosive devices.

Gaddis said the Port of Seattle Bomb Squad commented on how smoothly this investigation went.

“This was due in large part to the people who found the item not handling it. If it looks suspicious, call 911. Let the professionals look into it.”

Gaddis said he also wanted to thank the “citizens and visitors who had their day interrupted while this investigation was going on. We would also like to thank the Normandy Park Market for believing the safety of their customers is paramount. They were quick to help us in anything we needed and did not hesitate when we told them the store needed to close temporarily.”


3 Responses to “Suspicious package found at Normandy Park Market”
  1. Terry says:

    Not knowing what made this package “suspicious” or what about it made the officers “concerned for their safety”, I think this is a pretty sad example of our current state of affairs.

    Have we really progressed to the point where everything that is unknown or out the ordinary is a threat to our lives?

  2. Claire says:

    I was there and the police and market handled the situation very well. I appreciate the call to 911. Nowadays better to be safe than sorry.
    My car was parked close to the suspicious package and yes what was seen was very strange and 911 did need to be called.
    Glad everything turned out ok.

  3. Non says:

    What was seen that made it suspicious?

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