Police report brazen daytime burglary; Cadillac Coupe De Ville sought

The Normandy Park Police Department is reporting of a daytime burglary in the 17800 block of 7th Place SW on Sunday, April 20.

Police say the victim was outside gardening at the time of the burglary, when the burglar entered either through an open garage or unlocked front door, then likely exited out the rear as it was left partially open.

While the homeowner was out in her yard, she said she noticed an older two-door Cadillac – with a beige top and brown bottom – drive by several times and it parked to the north about three houses down.

The picture below is similar to the vehicle that was in the area at the same time their house was broken into:


If you observed this vehicle and/or have any more information, please call the Police Department at 206-248-7600.

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