City of Normandy Park enacting safety precautions at Recreation Center

The City of Normandy Park is notifying users of its Recreation Center – located at 801 SW 174th – of a disruption of service due to the possible presence of lead paint and asbestos.

Starting Friday morning (June 13), a portion of the Normandy Park Recreation Center will be off limits to visitors.

On Thursday (June 12), City Manager Glenn Akramoff was notified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that there is a high possibility of the presence of lead paint and asbestos at the Recreation Center. This was discovered during a review of the building by an OSHA inspector.

The main concern from OSHA is that small children will ingest the paint chips and/or “pick” at the window glazing around the exterior windows of the Recreation Center. Paint chips were also discovered in the flower beds near the windows of the Recreation Center. The City of Normandy Park is taking the precaution of limiting access to portions of the building to avoid any further exposure. Since the risk lies with direct contact with the paint and glaze, the risk to the general population is considered low.

The City Manager and the Maintenance Supervisor are currently working with OSHA to determine the best course of action for safety and abatement. The City Manager will be releasing more information as it becomes available. The report from OSHA is expected in approximately four to six weeks.

For questions, please call City Manager Akramoff, or Maintenance Supervisor Pasztor at 206-248-7603. More information is available at or follow the City of Normandy Park on Facebook.

Individuals and groups who have made reservations to use the Normandy Park Recreation Center should contact Brooks Wall at 206-248-7603 with any questions.

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