Thieves crash truck into Normandy Park Market, steal ATM machine



Thieves crashed their pick-up truck through the doors of the Normandy Park Market early Monday (Dec. 8) then stole the automatic teller machine and fled.

A video surveillance camera showed a new black Dodge Ram pickup was driven through the doors of the Normandy Park Market, 19805 First Avenue South at approximately 2 a.m. Monday.

The suspects removed the ATM machine from inside the store and fled the scene.

“We believe there are at least two suspects and possibly two suspect vehicles,” police said. “Video surveillance footage showed a silver/white passenger car that was also in the parking lot of the Market at the same time. The suspects are unknown race and unknown sex. We believe that one of the suspects is male and was wearing a black hoodie and gloves during the theft.”

UPDATE 12/8/14 2 p.m.: Police say that the vehicle used in the theft of the ATM machine this morning has been recovered (photo below). It was located in the 21600 blk of 11th Ave S, Des Moines. Officers are impounding the vehicle and it will be processed for evidence tomorrow.


“We just want to let our community of Normandy Park know that we are all okay and still open for business to serve you,” reads a post on the market’s Facebook page. “Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.”

Here’s a video from KOMO about the incident, showing the surveillance video of the truck and crime:


One Response to “Thieves crash truck into Normandy Park Market, steal ATM machine”
  1. David says:

    I’m just glad no one was hurt. I remember someone doing this earlier this year (Cap Hill? Can’t remember). Those ATMs are VERY hard to break into, folks think it’s easier to take the WHOLE thing. Still probably not easy to get into…and hard to do without being noticed or leaving evidence. STUPID crime. Cause huge damage for a few thousand tops. Won’t be worth the felony time get when caught. Just stupid.

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