LETTER: ‘What happened at City Hall this week is nothing short of tragic’ – Jenkins

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What happened at City Hall this week is nothing short of tragic.

The public statements from the City are short on detail with the goal to minimize damage to the City’s and Glenn Akromoff’s reputations, but people deserve to know what really happened, so I am offering this personal account of facts and opinion. Four Councilmembers are responsible, and rest of Council and City staff are still reeling at the damage they have done. Waters, Bishoff, Munslow, all Councilmembers with less than one year experience, and former mayor McEvoy, conferred in private to dismiss the City Manager with a motion to be introduced at Tuesday’s Council meeting and a 4-3 vote, with no specification of cause. The best possible outcome was to instead accept an involuntary resignation with severance pay.

There is no plausible explanation for their decision, and I can only attribute the action to their demonstrated and consistent lack of understanding of the functions, policies, and protocol of city government. Glenn was an incredibly smart, honest and thoughtful City Manager, had complete support of the City staff and rest of Council, in just 18 months had returned the City from dire financial conditions to a very secure financial position, and had us well on our way to an exceptional foundation of sound policies and long range plans. Even if these Councilmembers had philosophical differences with his management style, we have a process for performance evaluation to appropriately deal with changes in personnel and succession planning. They bypassed this process and instead left us with no City Manager, no Finance Director (an excellent candidate was to have been offered the position this week), and a Chief of Police now forced to handle much more than he should have to. This was, at best, the irresponsible action of four people, which will have impacts on thousands of people for years to come.

I am truly devastated by the loss of Glenn’s leadership and the very positive, professional changes he was making in Normandy Park. I am deeply concerned about how we move forward from here, and the long term ramifications of this unnecessary action. Reports that I had resigned were, however, completely false and presumptuous. My reaction of shock and dismay in Council Executive Session, or comments akin to, “F— it, I give up,” in a private conversation in a parking lot do not constitute resignation from elected office. I apologize if anyone was given reason to doubt my commitment due to these rumors. I remain thoroughly dedicated to my responsibility and service to the residents and staff of Normandy Park. As my 13 year old son noted, I’ll just have to work twice as hard now to help fix this.

They say you can’t fix stupid, but now we have to try, and to mitigate the tremendous loss and damage done at the whim of three inexperienced councilmembers and one who ought to have known better.

– Councilmember Stacia Jenkins
December 19, 2014
[email protected]

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14 Responses to “LETTER: ‘What happened at City Hall this week is nothing short of tragic’ – Jenkins”
  1. Pappy says:

    That was absolutely disgraceful Councilman Jenkins.

    Were you not the one who described your freshman council members as Cluster F***s? after the first meeting back in January? So you’ve had an axe to grind for months.

    After my comments on the blog others wrote to me, stating you were ranting about resigning inside the council chambers on the night of the meeting.

    You were disclosing private meeting details to someone in a grey car suv thing, in a public parking lot, yes there was a F-Bomb or so overheard, along with details about the resignation, and your own resignation in protest, and that you were sticking around just to “show them”

    I’m not the only old guy around the Burien Normandy Park area who has noticed a slew of misleading statements and disrespect you show your fellow council members, both on the facebook, and in council.

    Now instead of following proper channels you again take to the internet to rant.
    There were lawyers at both meetings who approved the procedures, and severance agreements at the meetings, you stormed out of the first meeting, and didn’t even bother showing up for the second. If it was important you’d have made the effort.

    You’re a disgrace Stacia you broke the exclusive session to outside sources, were seen and heard doing it. I may be old and rely on my nephew for technical support for these blogs, but I do know what is proper. Take what dignity you have and leave, I’d be ashamed to show my face after what you have done this week and here on the internet.

    • Steve says:

      I live in a neighboring community and don’t know any of the players involved in this controversy. Checking out the B-Town Blog this morning, I fell into this string of comments.

      To get things onto a track that makes you all sound respectable to your constituents, you might want to return the discussion to the substance of the matter as it seems framed here:

      What reason(s) did the Council have to dismiss the City Manager?

  2. If you are still committed to your position as a council member why didn’t you go to the council meeting last night? The council made some important decisions without you. Your absence was not excused. What message does it send to the public when a council member doesn’t have a valid excuse for skipping an important council meeting?

    You call out by name some council members but we have no way of confirming your statements. Apparently you were in the minority of council members who thought the City Manager was doing a good job.

  3. Kathleen Waters says:

    The message from Ms. Jenkins is an (sad) example of freedom of the press and internet freedom wherein anyone can say anything about anyone and be heard. Public officials abide by open meeting laws, public notice of meetings and other regulations that both protect and illuminate the machinations of government and the people served by government as well as those who govern. Abuse of freedom of the press includes libel and falsely accusing others of harmful actions without any proof of what’s being published or hint of what their motivation might possibly be.

    I stand by my colleagues on the council who had the interest of our constituents at heart when they attended council meetings this week which numbered 2 on one night and 1 the other night. Ms. Jenkins stayed very briefly for one meeting and didn’t even appear for the meeting where the budget was finalized. If that’s respect for those who voted for Ms. Jenkins its not apparent to me. Rather, I find it insulting for someone who is so full of braggadocio about her undying devotion to those who live in Normandy Park to not show up to finalize the budget for next year. In Jenkin’s own words: ” I apologize if anyone was given reason to doubt my commitment due to these rumors. I remain thoroughly dedicated to my responsibility and service to the residents and staff of Normandy Park.” Just not the financial pinning of the city.

    Tales out of school are not appropriate in the press or on the net. Although as curious humans we all occasionally like “the dirt”, it still remains true that to discover the truth each of us must do our own digging. I suggest anyone who tends to think there’s real dirt somewhere in the latest news about NP, find a shovel and start digging around the pile of dishonesty in Ms. Jenkin’s rant.

    Kathleen Waters

  4. Jennifer Chen says:

    As a resident of Marine view drive, I’d like to post this:

    (12) “Facility” or “facilities” means any building, structure, or park area operated by the office of the city manager;
    7.90.350 Disorderly conduct and profanity prohibited.
    It is unlawful to use profane or abusive language or to conduct oneself in a disorderly manner, including but not limited to, a state of intoxication or being noticeably under the influence of drugs, in any park. “Profane or abusive language” means obscenity or fighting words constituting unprotected speech. (Ord. 801 § 1 (Exh. A § 35.00), 2007).

    Article V. Penalties
    7.90.520 Infractions.
    The failure to perform any act required or the performance of any act prohibited by Article III of this chapter shall be a civil infraction. (Ord. 801 § 1 (Exh. A § 52.00), 2007).
    7.90.530 Misdemeanors.
    The violation of any of the provisions of Article IV of this chapter is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 801 § 1 (Exh. A § 53.00), 2007).
    7.90.540 Administrative sanctions.
    In addition to any prescribed penalty, any person failing to comply with any provision of this chapter shall be subject to the loss of park or recreation facility use privileges and ejection from the city park area or associated marine park area. (Ord. 801 § 1 (Exh. A § 54.00), 2007).

    The councilman Jenkins has clearly by her own admission broken the law. She should be charged and banned from the facility per the statutes.

    Thats just the local codes. It reads like this is a vendetta against the newer council members for council meetings she didn’t attend this week.

    • Normandy Park Resident says:

      Just as our language changes with the generations and new words come into the lexicon of general use (think ‘disrespected’ or any of the host of other ‘new’ words), so too do words in common usage cease to have the impact of past decades.

      The word “f*%#’ (and it’s derivatives) is so ubiquitous these days in movies and on television, in magazines, the malls, the schools, etc., that it has really ceased to be profanity as most people understand it. I actually heard a toddler use it in a Burien drugstore the other day.

      I certainly also think of myself as a civilized individual, but i can see it’s just part of the language now, added for extra emphasis. I didn’t make it so, but it doesn’t mean I think we should persecute people for using it. ‘ Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone…’ (sorry it’s not gender-neutral, but that’s the actual quote. Another casualty of changing language).

      • NP Mom says:

        So it’s ok, that this woman, is in the parking lot of of the Normandy Park children’s preschool and the rec center, using this language?

        I’m sorry, No! No that isn’t ok. She has now told us she was feet from the doors of the preschool swearing and cursing in front of staff. I don’t want me child around that, I wouldn’t want myself around someone like that. Modern times or not, there is still something called “Class” “Dignity” “Professionalism” Etc. .

  5. NP resident says:

    Stacia Jenkins is a disgrace to the residents of Normandy Park. She is only concerned about herself. She has lied about her residency for a year and now just because she may live in Normandy Park, it will be only a matter of time before that too will change. She might even stiff the present landlord like she did her previous one and wind up in court for assault and battery.

    If this were an employment situation, she would have been fired long ago much like the many positions she has had.

    Stacia Jenkins builds herself up by tearing down all those around her. She lacks respect for the citizens of this great city and has done nothing to better the condition of the city. We would be better off without her.

  6. Kari B. says:

    David vs Goliath. Remember who won Stacia. Head high, remain the strong leader I’ve always known you as. 🙂

    • NP Resident says:

      Stacia is neither…she is a coward that hides behind her potty mouth and never ending lies. She has burnt every bridge she ever crossed and fired from more committees than you would ever sign on to.

      Yes, Stacia, head high and walk out the door for good.

  7. Burinal Dumas says:

    Rich people problems lol.

  8. Pappy says:

    “in just 18 months had returned the City from dire financial conditions to a very secure financial position”

    Way to back a winner there!

    The city is spending at least another $53K over former city manager’s original bid that was stated it would be significantly UNDER the original $100K dollar road repair. Due the the poor handling by the City Manager. There isn’t a bill available to show for the prior $100K spent.

    To top it off the council has never even been provided a bill for the new boiler that **”Hopefully”** according to the final estimate by the city manager was **”supposed”** to be around $42K, half the cost of his original estimate of $89K that he wanted a no contest bid for Beacon Plumbing for.

    Anyone asking why they let him go, has just to listen and read the past records. It’s pretty obvious.

  9. DM Da Place To Be.... says:

    The council will continue to crash and burn and The Great City of Des Monies will annex NP out of pity for the disfunctional people of Normandy Park.

    • NP Resident says:

      And Des Moines’s recent determination of Insolvency really speaks volumes about the dysfunctionality of your own City Council. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Just sayin’…..

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