LETTER: Former Councilmember’s thoughts on current City Manager departure

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Dear Editor,

I have been reading the recent news, letters, and comments regarding the sudden departure of The City of Normandy Park’s manager with interest, sadness, and disappointment.

Interest because I’ve lived in Normandy Park for over 50 years and care about it’s residents, livability, beauty, future, and governance. Sadness because it’s never a good thing to see discord at City Hall. And, disappointment because the ugly ways of well-intentioned citizens currently seems to be the product of not-enough-to-do self-described “council watchers” destined to make it an unintended consequence of their actions to be rude, petty, mean, and accusatory in their simple conspiratorial interpretations of the workings of our Normandy Park employees and council members.

I remember years ago when I served on the City Council one if the first things I did was read our municipal code. I figured it was my duty to know what laws we did and didn’t have. It was surprising to observe, over the years how often citizens and council members wanted a law we already had and misunderstood those we did have. Facts are an honest man’s friend.

I don’t know any facts regarding the City’s current troubles, or for that matter it’s successes, but I do know that it rarely beautifies a neighborhood for one to air one’s dirty laundry in public.

I suggest the critics, council, and employees take a collective deep breath and try to see the good in each other as a way to move forward in search of the City’s better good. Much can be learned from those who think, study, ponder and seek out facts and wise council before they accuse, act, or judge.

David Miller
Normandy Park

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2 Responses to “LETTER: Former Councilmember’s thoughts on current City Manager departure”
  1. Mary says:

    David, thank you for such a well-written letter. It has been disturbing to read the comments people have made about one another. I truly hope this lovely city we call home can right itself before it lists to far and goes keel up.

  2. Pappy says:

    David, I agree with you completely. It would be a better world if we could all treat each other with respect. But respect is earned. As is anger. What has me so angry over Ms Jenkins actions are a disrespect for the chair she holds and people of this community.

    As of last Wednesday she broke exclusive privilege to outside people about the meeting she attended about the city managers resignation. There are photos floating around the Facebook and the net of that that conversation in the preschool parking lot.

    We have Ms Jenkins own statement she was there in the parking lot venting about it.

    At 54 years old and having been around the judicial system for years, and finely in tune with confidentiality, I find her lack of integrity appalling. She broke the trust of the citizens, and she destroyed the trust the city manager put in her, to protect his personal information. Detailed information of his resignation meeting and Jenkins response to it leaked from the preschool parking lot, in a conversation Jenkins says she was having. The only piece missing is the grey car.

    After years of antics from Jenkins, I think that people have finally had enough, she has shown a complete disrespect for the community, council, and office she holds. With no where else to go, and having had the door opened by Jenkins herself, people are speaking out.

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