Are Fireworks legal in Normandy Park? Here’s the City’s Fireworks Code

The City of Normandy Park Fireworks Code is as follows:

Fireworks may be discharged only during the times below:

  • June 28th between noon and 11pm
  • June 29th through July 3rd between 9am and 11pm
  • July 4th between 9am and Midnight
  • NO July 5th
  1. Fireworks may be sold June 28th at noon through July4th at 9 PM.
  2. No one under 16 years may possess or discharge any fireworks unless DIRECTLY supervised by a responsible adult.
  3. Discharge of Fireworks is not allowed on City Property including parks, parking lots and City streets.
  4. Discharge of Fireworks on someone else’s property without the owner’s permission is NOT allowed. This includes businesses.
  5. Always have a bucket present, never relight “Dud” and never alter fireworks.

Discharge only legal fireworks ( listed below)

  • Sparklers
  • Cylindrical Fountain
  • Cone Fountain
  • Illuminating torch Wheel
  • Ground Spinner
  • Flitter Sparkler
  • Mine/Shell
  • Smoke Device
  • Helicopter Aerial Spinner
  • Roman Candle

Legal ONLY on tribal land:

  • Firecrackers
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Missiles and Rockets

Illegal everywhere:
M-80s, Dynamite and any Improvised homemade or altered explosives devises such as tennis balls or cherry bombs, firecrackers and salutes

Per King County Fire marshal “Chinese lanterns” are not permissible.


One Response to “Are Fireworks legal in Normandy Park? Here’s the City’s Fireworks Code”
  1. Kathleen Waters says:

    We, the city council need to hear from you in the context of city business. That means, please call or write to each of us and explain your thoughts on this topic. My colleagues on the council will not call an emergency meeting based on the NP blog article or comments to it. That’s just the reality. So, if you want us to initiate anything regarding fireworks get in touch with us thru the formal format – direct to city manager or city council. The number at City Hall:248-7603

    I am in favor of regulating fireworks and until the climate returns to more moist and cooler summers, remove fireworks from the Park altogether.

    Governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency, activating the Washington National Guard last year during the Carlton complex fire in eastern Washington. Approximately 300 HOMES were lost and one death was attributed to that fire. We are an URBAN place with closely placed homes and a small urban “forest”. Our homes are clustered close together unlike the rural areas and tiny cities that were the centers of the Carlton fire last year. Think of the difference and imagine what one spark might do.

    Unfortunately it takes an order by the governor to declare an emergency. RCW 70 77 250 section 4, describes the law that the state fire marshal’s office cited in exposing our mutual frustration with the limitation on ordinary citizens to force a declaration of an emergency. Our best hope this year is public restraint AND a meeting of the city council prior to July 4th to remedy the fireworks situation for the next year.

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