UPDATE: Fundraiser to ‘Save Normandy Park Police’ nearing its $142K goal

Donors have helped raise $131,160 of the $142,000 target goal to ‘Save Normandy Park Police,’ according to the cause’s GoFundMe page.

A total of 156 donors have raised that amount in just three months.

To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/supportnppolice

Here’s an update from March 8, 2016:

We have successfully reached our goal of saving one of the police officer positions! Thank you to everyone for your generosity! We are also very close to saving the police records specialist position. We need to raise $11,000 more to make that happen. Please help by donating today!

We want to alert you to additional developments in this dire situation. As you may know, with the failure of the November 2015 Levy, three full-time police positions were slated to be cut: Two police officers and a police records specialist. Since the levy failure, one of the officers slated to be laid-off has resigned and the position has been eliminated pending an August 2016 Levy vote. The police records specialist position has been reduced to on-call and vacation relief.

However, as we mentioned above, we are pleased to report that the third position (full-time police officer) has been saved through April 2017. The reason for April 2017 is if the August Levy passes, the City cannot begin collecting levy funds until that date. Therefore, the money we have raised will prevent any gap in funding from now until then.

Here are the latest numbers in this community-wide fundraising effort: As of March 8, 2016, a total $131,000 has been obtained. $62,000 of that stems from donations we collected from generous residents, local businesses and corporate matching (Thank you Alaska Airlines! We also anticipate matching funds from Boeing this April). $69,000 stems from the Normandy Park Metropolitan Parks District which recently created a new ‘Policing the Parks Pilot Program’ to keep our parks safe.

Please help us raise $11,000 more to save the police records specialist position. Thank you again for your support and dedication, and for keeping our police department intact!

The Save Our Police Committee,
A Friends of Normandy Park Foundation


One Response to “UPDATE: Fundraiser to ‘Save Normandy Park Police’ nearing its $142K goal”
  1. Tom Lane says:

    I was born and raised in Normandy Park and study urban planning. For me, Normandy Park was a very safe place for me growing up. My parents never worried about me bicycling around.

    However, in recent years reading this blog from AZ and CA, I’ve become afraid that the city might gradually become unsafe for kids. I’m very pleased to read about the fundraiser. The success of this fundraiser is an exceptional story, one that will be quickly disseminated among urban planners on the west coast. If I get a chance, I’ll share this information with folks of very safe cities in California, such as Orinda, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Carlsbad, Temecula, and Murrieta.

    Tomorrow, I have a meeting in the San Fernando valley. That, is not the best place to raise kids. They will get in trouble with drugs, sooner or later. As for Thousand Oaks, some do, some don’t. It is very safe like Normandy Park.

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