Prop. 1 will easily pass; over 40 celebrate at Normandy Park City Hall Park

Proposition No. 1, the property tax rate increase for Normandy Park Police, will pass easily with a 70% Yes vote:

  • Yes: 70.39% – 1745 votes
  • No: 29.61% – 734 votes

The proposition required a simple majority to pass.

On Monday (Aug. 8), a pro-police rally was held at Normandy Park City Hall Park, with over 40 people in attendance:


New Normandy Park Chief Dan Yourkoski was also there to introduce himself to residents.

“Thank you Karen (Steele) for all your efforts in organizing the Prop 1 campain with such success,” Sgt. Morella said. “With your help and the support of the citizens, the Normandy Park Police Department will be better and stonger so they can continue the great service they provide.”

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