Arborist suffers life-threatening injuries in bizarre accident at Marine View Park

The City’s contract arborist had a bizarre and life-threatening accident recently at Marine View Park, while working to take down a large madrone tree.

The City said that the accident happened after the arborist was up about 50-feet in his bucket truck, in his harness, which he had tied to a nearby large maple tree for secondary safety.

The maple tree – for no obvious reason – snapped below his harness tie.

In its fall, it injured him, but by grace landed on the long, angled madrone tree.

Had it not done so, he likely would have been whipsawed to the ground.

He lowered himself to the ground, visibly injured, and has since been released from the hospital.

The park – located at 20945 Marine View Dr SW – was scheduled to re-open on Saturday, Feb. 4.

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