Sue-Ann Hohimer replaces John Rankin on Normandy Park City Council

Ten Normandy Park residents submitted applications for the vacant position on the Normandy Park City Council, which was previously held by John Rankin, and Sue-Ann Hohimer (pictured, left) was selected.

Two candidates withdrew their application prior to the meeting and the remaining eight candidates attended the February Regular Council meeting.

Each candidate was given the opportunity to provide a candidacy statement to the City Council.

Members of the Council discussed the qualifications of the candidates in an executive session prior to making a decision.

The Council nominated four candidates, and Hohimer was the first nomination and received four affirmative votes during the second round of voting.

Councilmembers commented on the quality of all applicants and encouraged each of them to consider filing in the spring for one of the five positions that will be on the 2017 ballot(s)* to be voted on by the residents of Normandy Park.

*If there are more than two candidates filing for one council position, there will be cause to have a primary election to narrow it down to two candidates on the ballot for the general election in November.

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