Airport meeting will be at Normandy Park City Hall on Wednesday, March 1

Normandy Park residents and business owners’ airport meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 1, at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

The City of Normandy Park says it is engaged in study and discussion pertaining to new airport operations in three ways:

  1. “We are at the outset of developing a meeting schedule with other local municipalities through a ‘Mayors’ Roundtable’ (including city administrators) to share information and potentially adopt common courses of action;
  2. We are holding an open public meeting to vet airport issues at 6 p.m. on March 1, in our City Council Chambers;
  3. We are supporting State Rep. Orwall and State Sen. Kaiser in their twin bills effort to assess ultrafine particulates through a UW Public Health epidemiological study that involves hard data gathered through current testing, and that also addresses noise and other environmental considerations.”

“I have already testified on Sen. Kaiser’s bill on behalf of the city,” City Manager Mark Hoppen said.

Hoppen also added:

“Do we yet have a clear point of view? No. We don’t have enough information to fully assess the new NextGen landing and take-off impacts or the environmental and health impacts of the new airport operational practices. That’s why we’re engaged in all the above, in order to gather enough public, institutional, and statistically reliable and valid information to develop a clear point of view. And then, the City Council will be able to act on this issue as it deems appropriate.”

The City of Normandy Park City Hall is located at 801 SW 174th Street; (206) 248-7603.

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