LETTER: Street lights on 1st Ave South haven’t worked since April of 2016

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Well, it’s not quite news, but it might want to be…

The City of Normandy Park has done such a great job keeping Normandy Park a beautiful and desirable community. Yet, there is one troubling facet in their attempt to beautify this city and provide safe pedestrian thoroughfares – the stellar street lights they installed along 1st Ave South, beginning at SW 192nd. There are taller lights that extend over 1st Ave, and there are shorter versions that turn inward toward the sidewalk – but these have not worked since approximately April of last year (2016), shortly after we moved south of 192nd where these lights are located.

I am positive they are expensive products, but they are left non-functional. Of the many times we’ve called or talked with the city, their answer is they don’t have a plan to maintain them. I was told, once, they haven’t a truck that can reach them.

They actually had PSE check them, they found the problem, and PSE offered to provide the maintenance this past winter (PSE told us), but no action has been taken, yet. Why would we spend so much money on these gorgeous lamp posts, but then not maintain them, so that they could provide the light they are supposed to provide to pedestrians – at the bus stop, as they walk on 1st Ave, for safety, for security, etc. — all those reasons for which they were purchased by the city?

Can anyone help with this issue?

As citizens, we would love to see their beauty AND functionality restored, as well as enjoy the safety and security they provide.

Thanks in advance, and…Help? 😉

– Dr. Wanda Gravett

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3 Responses to “LETTER: Street lights on 1st Ave South haven’t worked since April of 2016”
  1. NPlifer says:

    How about also adding a turn lane all the way along 1st Ave while they’re at it.

    How far do cars need to be backed up waiting for just 1 car to turn left?

  2. Mike S says:

    I know back on Feb 14th, the city council gave the city manager approval to have the street lights in that area converted to LED lights. Could they be waiting for this work to be done? Or if it was already done, are the new lights failing?

  3. Phreddy says:

    How about an actual physical barrier (center curb) in the middle of 1st S. opposite entrance to the police academy at 19010 1st S.? Southbound drivers making illegal left turns cause traffic jams. I was actually rear ended about 3 years ago while stopped there. There is an easy left turn at S. 192nd, and an entrance there. As a retired cop, it particularly galls me!

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