Fall Recycling Event collected nearly 89,000 pounds of materials, City says

According to City Manager Mark Hoppen, Normandy Park and Burien’s recent Fall Recycling Collection Event, supervised by Parks Director Amanda Leon, was “vigorous.”

Seven hundred and two (702) carloads of recyclable material arrived.

The total amount of material collected was 88,868 pounds or 44.43 tons.

The total averaged out to 127 pounds of material per vehicle.

The event included the collection of:

  • 45,840 pounds of appliances, scrap metal, and electronic equipment. The material will be sorted and recycled by a variety of metal recyclers in the Seattle area.
  • 10 used refrigerators and freezers. The ozone depleting chemicals and gas will be removed from these units and disposed of properly by Total Reclaim in Seattle (3,500 pounds).
  • 13,300 pounds of shredded paper. The confidential documents were shredded on site by Confidential Data Disposal.
  • 20 cubic yards of Styrofoam. The material will be processed by Styro Recycle in Renton (250 pounds).
  • 20 mattresses and box springs. The mattresses and box springs will be processed for recycling by Uptekk Recycling (600 pounds).
  • 25 propane tanks. The tanks will be reused through a cylinder exchange service or the tanks will be recycled as scrap metal through metal recyclers in the Seattle area (1,250 pounds).
  • 7,740 pounds of reusable household goods. This material was collected by Northwest Center for resale through their retail outlets with the proceeds going to charity programs.
  • 200 gallons of used motor oil and petroleum based products. This will be re-refined into new motor oil or reused as bunker fuel (1,480 pounds).
  • 55 gallons of used antifreeze. This toxic liquid will be recycled into new antifreeze (440 pounds).
  • 45 used oil filters. These will be drained of oil and the scrap metal will be recycled (126 pounds).
  • 115 used tires. These tires will be re-used if in good condition, if not, chipped and made into such products as garden hoses, playground mats, road bedding, and burned as fuel (2,875 pounds).
  • 34 lead acid batteries. The batteries will be dismantled, the acid disposed of properly, and the cores recycled into new batteries (1,232 pounds).
  • 8900 alkaline batteries. The batteries will be dismantled, the hazardous material disposed of properly, and the cores recycled into new batteries through All Battery (890 pounds).
  • 14 toilets and sinks. The porcelain material will be processed by Lloyd Enterprises into concrete material (1,125 pounds).
  • 8,220 pounds of cardboard. The cardboard collected will be recycled by Sonoco Recycling and International Paper.

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