Normandy Park City Manager’s Weekly Report December 4 – 8, 2017

City Manager’s Weekly Report December 4 – 8, 2017

1st Avenue Pedestrian Accidents.
Two pedestrian accidents and one pedestrian fatality in recent weeks are being assessed. Currently, the City of Normandy Park, in conjunction with PSE, will be exploring high level lighting possibilities in the area of the accidents. In addition, the city is pursuing low level pedestrian lighting improvements in connection with the 1st Avenue Sidewalk Project that is slated for design in the immediate future (from Fernwood to QFC). Also, since the roadway at this location is under Washington State ownership and control, Normandy Park’s City Engineer has contacted WSDOT, which is now planning to assess pedestrian patterns and roadway safety in this area utilizing agency engineering resources.

Economic Development.
This year, the City of Normandy Park made some changes that should assist the vision for the Manhattan Village Subarea, a plan developed to foster mixed residential and retail uses in this locale. One of the primary ways an area can become more prosperous and beneficial to the community is through the development of infrastructure; another way is through zoning that leads to uses that are desired.

The main infrastructure improvement this last year, SW Normandy Road, was built over the summer. Envisioned for years, this project was built per the approved design, with storm water devices large enough to handle most road area storm water run-off from future improvements in Manhattan Village. All that remains for this project area is to build hand rails around the storm water vessels on the sidewalk side, improving the sense of safety and reducing playful intrusion into the storm water devices. (Yes, I’ve seen kids jumping and running in the storm water devices. It looked like they were having fun as they trampled the new vegetation.) These rails were not an original part of the design, but will be installed this winter.

Also, in the coming year, the city will improve pedestrian safety along the 1st Avenue frontage of the Manhattan Village Subarea with a $247,800 grant from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board. This improvement will extend from Fernwood through the QFC property, and about to begin design. Hopefully, the new ease of ADA access to the shopping center will tend to enhance safe neighborhood passage to shopping and services in this area.

To the south, the Kennedy Property at 117 SW Normandy Road was rezoned from R-7.2 to MU (Mixed Use). Also, next door, the Royal Arms Villa property was rezoned from RM-1800 to MU. Not only are these rezones consistent with the Manhattan Village Subarea Plan, they are consistent with the established City of Normandy Park Comprehensive Plan land use designation for this area. (The Growth Management Act requires congruence between comprehensive plan designations and zoning regulations.)

Further south on 1st Avenue, the Belleme townhomes and retail frontage, after years of delay, is currently under construction. The applicant is considering applying to the city’s Hearing Examiner to change the retail frontage to strictly residential usage. Staff will oppose this change because such retail use is a principal reason for the Mixed Use zone.

Finally, the Dairy Queen is getting closer and closer to demolition and transition into a new Starbucks. Can’t provide a date or timeline yet, but I won’t be surprised if something happens this year.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager

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