City of Normandy Park will change police dispatch services to NORCOM

This past Tuesday (Dec. 12), the Normandy Park City Council approved an agreement to change police dispatch services from the Port of Seattle to the North East King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency (NORCOM).

The first year NORCOM fee for this agreement is $95,000; the second year fee will be $105,000.

The City of Normandy Park currently budgets $195,000 to the Port of Seattle for the same services. The cost difference will be used:

  1. To cover startup costs (likely insignificant);
  2. To cover the purchase and installation of new radios, which will provide direct communication to Des Moines PD (a distinct improvement);
  3. To provide improved, more reliable fund reserves for police vehicle replacement.

After two years, the city’s dispatch calls will be assessed and the city’s payment cost to NORCOM will be adjusted.  The fewer dispatch calls made, the lower the eventual adjustment.

So, any calls for house check while out of town should be made to the Normandy Park Police Department at (206) 248-7600, and not to 911.

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