City Manager on low impact storm water devices on Normandy Road

From City Manager Mark Hoppen:

Some reasonable people think that the new storm water vessels on Normandy Road are too deep and dangerous. These storm water devices were designed to handle all current and future loads of storm water from the area around Manhattan Village; consequently, the devices are larger than rain gardens. The City Council that approved the project design and accepted the grants several years ago desired low impact development treatment of storm water in this area. From a design point-of-view, the vessels fully met WSDOT design standards, were approved by two State granting agencies during review, have been successfully installed in other places, are insured, and cannot be fundamentally altered without paying back the grants that built the whole project. Nevertheless, the city is surrounding the sidewalk side and ends of each of these devices with railings that recently completed fabrication and will begin installation on December 26.

Once the rails are installed, no doubt some people will question whether 4” spacing is required for the railings. No such spacing is required because the storm water devices are completely legal and meet all pertinent code with no rails at all. From a liability perspective, these rails are not required. The city is installing them because it seems prudent and advantageous for users of the sidewalks. Additionally, this area has been wired for the future installation of shielded (limited light dispersal, pedestrian street lights.

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