Mount Rainier High School’s robotics ‘Team Ramen’ holding fundraiser

Mount Rainier High School’s robotics ‘Team Ramen’ is seeking funds to help add a lathe to their workshop.

Their goal is to raise $1,150, and to help these local techies out, you can donate online here:

Here’s more from their fundraising page:

This fundraising campaign will help support our current and future team members by improving our in-house manufacturing abilities. Since our team was founded in 2012 we have used a drill press, tabletop bandsaw, and hand tools to construct our robot. Earlier this year with our mentors, our team looked at where we could improve our manufacturing resources and abilities. The two areas of focus were replacing our tabletop bandsaw and adding a lathe. Through earlier team fundraising events we were able to purchase a new bandsaw that will allow us to cut our material easier and more efficiently.

We are purchasing our lathe from Grizzly, a local company in Bellingham, WA. They have been helpful in helping us select the proper equipment for our team. The model of lathe that we are looking to purchase is the G4000 – 9″ x 19″ Bench Lathe. Our team uses aluminum hex and round bar stock to make shafts for our robots’ drivebases and mechanisms. We drill and tap holes on the end of the bar stock to hold on our various parts like the wheels. Past manufacturing techniques haverequired this to be done by hand and on our drill press. When needing to fit tight tolerances we have had to sand down parts to fit into bearings. Both of these methods have worked for us in the past, but we want a more efficient and proper method for making our shafts and components. You can help us improve our manufacturing capabilities by supporting this campaign.

With our competition season beginning January 6th we would like to secure the funds as soon as possible so that we can have it in our workshop and learning new techniques.

Supporting this campaign will mean so much to us as a team and we would be grateful for any support you can provide. We are excited to add a lathe to our workshop to help us learn and apply new manufacturing techniques.

“Thank you again for your support!”

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