City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending May 19, 2018

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending May 19, 2018

Water District #49.  Water District #49 is beginning a project on Sylvester that will involve traffic inconvenience.  The project will last 75 working days.  Expect delays.

Recreation Center and City Hall Funding.  A need for funding for government facilities in Normandy Park has been included in the 7th District capital Congressional request.  See the attached document; it’s a start.

City Construction Hours.  The noise and imposition of construction vehicles, as well as saws and hammers, will likely be more burdensome in the summer months.   City Construction hours: 7AM-9PM weekdays, 8AM-9PM weekends.  With my permission, concrete can be poured 6am-7am weekdays and 7am-8am weekends.  I haven’t given this permission previously.

Proposed per Capita Allocations for Airport Impact Study.  Attached is a per capita allocation for a baseline airport impacts study.  In this scenario, the State of Washington will commit to $300,000, SeaTac will commit to $150,000, and other cities on a per capita basis will make up the other $150,000.  Some cities may not be able to pay the per capita amount.  This negotiation is still fluid.  The baseline study, however, is essential for the determination of future airport project mitigation to cities in close proximity to the airport.

Garage Sales, Business Licenses, and Outdoor Storage in Residential Zones.  Business licenses cost $81 each. The following definitions and code provisions apply to garage sales and outdoor storage:

NPMC 4.02.020 Definitions.

“Business” includes all activities, occupations, pursuits or professions located and/or engaged in within the city, with the object of gain, benefit or advantage to the person engaging in the same, or to any other person or class, directly or indirectly. It also includes general contractors, home occupations, garage sales and businesses temporarily conducted within the city including but not limited to transient merchants, peddlers and vendors. It does not include, however, wholesale distributors selling products to businesses within the city unless said distributor has an office, warehouse or other business establishment located within the city. Each business location shall be deemed a separate business.

NPMC 4.02.090 Procedure for issuance of license.

(1) Every person required to procure a license under the provisions of any ordinance or regulation of the city shall submit an application for such license to the city manager upon a form provided by said officer. The applicant shall be required to provide all information requested on said form and failure to do so shall be grounds for refusing to issue the business license. In addition, the city manager, from time to time, may request from a person holding a business license that they supply to the city manager an update of the information that was given on the original license application. Failure to supply said update as requested shall be sufficient grounds for revocation of the business license.

(2) The application for a license shall be accompanied by the full amount of the fee chargeable for such license and said fee shall be nonrefundable.

(3) A duplicate license or a special permit shall be issued by the city manager to replace any license previously issued, which has been lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed without any willful conduct on the part of the licensee, upon the filing by the licensee of an affidavit attesting to such fact and the paying to the city manager a fee in the amount established in the most current adopted city fee schedule. (Ord. 826 § 1, 2008).

NMPC18.24.030 Outdoor storage requirements for residential zones.

(1) Outdoor storage shall be prohibited within any required building setback areas, except those areas where an accessory building can be located.

(2) The outdoor storage or accumulation of unused, broken, abandoned or discarded household furniture, appliances, packing boxes or other household equipment or fixtures, junk, trash, rubbish or other materials or debris shall be prohibited where visible from a public street, sidewalk or right-of-way, or private streets, unless placed for removal or pick-up for a period not to exceed seven days.

(3) Nonvehicle storage in an open-sided structure, such as a carport or covered patio, and storage inside vehicles, is prohibited when visible from public streets, sidewalks or rights-of-way. (Ord. 755 § 2, 2005; Ord. 754 § 2, 2005).

Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager

City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA  98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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