City receives funding for Marine View Park Forest Bluff program

The King Conversation District Board of Directors recently approved six priorities for its 2018 Urban Forestry program, including Normandy Park’s Marine View Park Forest Bluff & Community Forest Stewards Program.

More from the KCD:

The City is concerned about the forest bluff area in their Marine View Park and requested a separate assessment and management strategies for it to be included in a comprehensive park plan. Upon review and discussion, KCD staff (inter-program) concluded that its assessment and management could be done by the main consultant for the whole park, and KCD will review the draft plan to provide feedback on forest management recommendations and geo-technical matters in all areas – bluff and ravine.

The second part of the project is assistance in managing and training volunteers to do forest stewardship in public forest open space, specifically to organize, educate and provide technical support to the stewardship efforts that will help in retention and greater vestment and interest to participate. This project will be a hybrid of Forest Stewards (Forterra) and Native Plant Stewards (WNPS) models to help recruit and provide a combination of up to 6 workshops and 6 work parties to apply new knowledge.

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