City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending Nov. 30, 2018

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending November 30, 2018

Manhattan View Stormwater Project. The stormwater segment of the project is about to conclude. Obviously, curbs and gutters are rapidly being constructed. The repaving will occur next spring as soon as possible, given that King County’s paving schedule is not particularly subject to city determination.

I-1634: No More Local Soda Taxes, but No Impact on Sales Tax Revenues. (from Municipal Research Services Center) I-1634 was billed as an “affordable grocery” measure, but was really a “no more local soda taxes” measure funded by soft drink and energy drink companies in response to Seattle’s local soda tax. The measure, which was approved by voters, prohibits local governments from imposing any new tax, fee, or assessment on “groceries,” including sodas. This means Seattle’s existing soda tax will be grandfathered in but that no other city may impose a soda tax. Interestingly, these companies placed an almost identical measure on the ballot in Oregon, but voters rejected it there, meaning local governments in Oregon may still impose soda taxes if desired. I-1634 will have zero impact on local sales tax revenues. Groceries are already exempt from Washington sales taxes under RCW 82.08.0293. Soft drinks, bottled water, prepared foods, and dietary supplements, however, are subject to sales tax, and I-1634 does nothing to change that.

Emergency Management. An emergency management evening public presentation, hosted by the City of Normandy Park and the Southside Seattle Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 6:30 P.M., in the main auditorium at the Criminal Justice Training Center. “What You Need to Know to Survive a Natural Disaster” will be the topic. Col. Kevin McMahan and staff from Camp Murray, Washington State Emergency Management, will provide the presentation. Camp Murray operations coordinate Washington State natural disaster services and resources. Residents and business owners from the cities of Des Moines, SeaTac, Burien, Tukwila, and Federal Way, as well as Southside Seattle Chamber members are invited. The average cycle for the types of earthquakes that would be characterized as “the big one” is about 243 years, using the last 10,000 years as a measuring stick. We are beyond this average measure by 75 years. The chances of one of these earthquakes in the next 50 years is roughly between 10% and 33%. Such a quake is predicted to cause up to 30,000 landslides in the Seattle area alone (Schulz, Kathryn. “The Really Big One”, The New Yorker 2015).

Soundside Alliance Breakfast for economic development. The yearly Soundside Alliance Breakfast is Thursday Dec. 6, 2018, at 7:30AM at the Four Points Sheridan Hotel in Des Moines. The event is open to the public, but with seating capped at about 175. A brochure for the event is at

Small landslide. The temporary emergency repair to the private drainage system on 4th Pl. S, downslope from a private road above the city utility easement on the City of Des Moines trail, on the north side of Des Moines Creek Park, is almost complete. There was another private drain from the south that was tied into the catch basin. The two drains that were in the catch basin are connected and now run in a flexible pipe down the slope, since the original drain pipe was destroyed by the slide. Rip-rap has been installed to shore up the road. The crew will reinstall the erosion control facilities (plastic sheeting, sandbags, etc.) that had been previously installed to prevent further impact to the slope. Fortunately, after video review, the city storm line below the slide in the trail area was free of all but a scanty amount of sediment, easily removed. The emergency repair was completed upon the recommendations of Gray and Osborne, the city’s engineering firm, and PanGeo, the geotechnical firm G&O used for review for this temporary repair. Additionally, this review was conducted to prepare for rapid review of a private permit for permanent repairs.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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