Normandy Park gets first speed feedback sign on Normandy Road

Normandy Park’s first speed feedback sign has gone up on Normandy Road:

Normandy Park Police say that two more will be going up in other parts of the City shortly.

Police add:

“The City purchased three of these signs along with a new speed trailer to try to reduce speeding in Normandy Park.

“These signs are mobile and will be moved periodically throughout the City.

“They also capture data including speeds and traffic volume which we will be using to direct enforcement.”

According to a study by the Federal Highway Administration:

“The results indicate that the systems are reasonably effective in reducing both vehicle speeds and crashes.

“And, it is noteworthy, the reductions were maintained for more than 2 years, indicating drivers did not habituate to the dynamic signs, although the study did not specifically look at this.”

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