City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending January 11, 2019

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending Jan. 11, 2019

Belleme Townhomes. Four buildings, 19 townhomes, two commercial buildings, six total commercial tenant spaces, six total living units above the commercial spaces, and an overall project valuation of $1,757,850.00.

Police Officers. Albeit with two officers in mentorship, a nearly full complement of police officers is working for the first time since the excess property tax failure in 2015. It takes a long time to restore a police department once it’s staffing is critically reduced.

Critical Areas Ordinance and Shoreline Master Program Updates. At the recent council meeting, the City Council authorized the hiring of the Watershed Company, a highly respected company based in Kirkland, in order to update both policies as required by the State of Washington. Since the City of Normandy Park recently finally finished updating the Shoreline Master program, both duration and the cost of this task is reasonable, ending in June at a cost limit of $32K.

Economic Development element of the City of Normandy Park Comprehensive Plan. For the first time, Normandy Park has initiated a formal planning process to describe where and how the city can develop itself to become self-sustaining. BERK Consulting, engaged by other cities in South King County for similar purposes, is conducting the nine-month public planning process.

Small cell franchise and development regulations approved. The City Council approved small cell franchise and development regulations at this week’s council meeting. Passing these regulations, in addition to meeting FCC requirements and timelines, and complying with federal law, provides aesthetic guidelines that may result in placing small cell facilities in city-required, aesthetically pleasing, designer light poles (poles that do not look like telephone poles). At least that’s my hope; this was not feasible just a year or so ago. If such aesthetic requirements are feasible, then a master plan for implementation of small cell could result in new sidewalks, undergrounded utilities (including power), and public street lighting with shielded design-friendly streetlights, with little public cost. Initially, expect small cell on light poles and improved 4G service, but I think an opportunity is coming. Without passing the recent regulations, there would be little or no possibility of implementing such a designer light pole plan. None of this has anything to do yet with 5G.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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