City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending February 8, 2019

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending February 8, 2019

10-Year City Financial Stability. So, what ongoing or predictable city revenue areas does the City Council typically need to consider to ensure the stability of future city budgets? (An alternative way of looking at this same question is what factors affect the revenue stability of the 10-year city financial outlook?) By city code, economic development is the lone concern on this list of the Economic Development Committee. Economic development necessitates a market-driven and long-term focus, as well as a near term collaborative engagement with businesses and business property owners (recruitment and retention of businesses). All listed issues below are reviewed as part of the budget and fiscal review process by the City Council and its informal subcommittee, the Finance Committee. You will notice that park and transportation impact fees are not listed, chiefly because the city already taxes through the Metropolitan Parks District for parks and through the Transportation Benefit District for road improvements. Note that the city does not currently impose a B&O tax, although it has been considered at the committee level in the past.

  • Economic Development – property tax and sales tax growth
  • Property Tax Decline
  • Sales Tax Stability
  • Real Estate Excise Tax Projections
  • Storm water Revenues
  • Utility Tax
  • Gas Tax
  • Liquor Board Tax and Profits
  • Criminal Justice State Shared Revenues
  • Traffic Fines and Forfeitures
  • License and Permit Projections
  • Expenditure Growth Controls
  • Investment Returns
  • Cost Recovery
  • Property Tax Levy Lid Lift
  • Transportation Benefit District
  • Metropolitan Parks District
  • B&O Tax

Snow. Obviously, it is going to snow quite a bit in the next 24 hours, so the city will be plowing and de-icing snow routes, the main downhill and Marine View Drive corridors. Please see the attached snow routes map.

Primary Snow Routes Map

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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