City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending May 17, 2019

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending May 17, 2019

Meet with the City Manager and Chief of Police, Thursdays, 9AM, at Empire Coffee.  Open agenda and discussion. We won’t always both be there. In an emergency, neither of us will be there. But mostly, we will be there. Come and talk to us.

Manhattan View Repaving.  Repaving for the Manhattan View neighborhood is slated for late June or early July. It’s a big job that will cause a certain amount of disruption, but it will be a big improvement to the neighborhood when it’s finished. The pavement will be a standard asphalt treatment.

4th Avenue Repaving.  The ADA curb adjustment specifications for this road repaving project are out to bid and will be brought to Council for approval in June. The overlay work is scheduled for August.

1st Avenue Safety Traffic Count by WSDOT.  The Public Works Director, Ken Courter, and I are meeting with Gray and Osborne engineers this Monday to prepare for a meeting with WSDOT personnel sometime in June. At this upcoming meeting, WSDOT engineers will explain recent WSDOT traffic count data on the 1stAvenue corridor. All this is in preparation for a G&O/WSDOT design draft of the 1st Avenue corridor north of Normandy Road to enhance pedestrian safety. The goal is to achieve increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians with minimum cost. 

Study of Sources of Potential Airfield Noise.  Sea-Tac International Airport will conduct an airfield noise assessment. This assessment will be shared with the Sea-Tac Stakeholder Advisory Round Table (StART). The noise assessment will start in three-four months and take six months to complete. The assessment will detail noise issues surrounding aircraft taxiing, reverse thrust after touchdown, aircraft braking with no reverse thrust, auxiliary power units (APUs), stopped aircraft between runways followed by a power-up break away for taxi across runways, aircraft queuing up for take-off, takeoff power up, engine maintenance run-up activities, and support equipment. 

Structural Engineering Assessment of the Recreation Building.  The Recreation Center structural engineering report is due soon, but has not been received and reviewed to date. Once it reviewed and put in final form, the report will be shared with the City Council, which will determine the city’s course of action. As you will recall, the facility alternatives reported by the Facility Task Force some time ago indicated that the building could be remodeled at reduced cost from a new building. Before any action might be taken to do this, the structural aspects of the building need to be assessed to see if such city investment is desired by the City Council, as well as feasible and prudent. No decision about the Recreation Center should be made by the City Council until the report is finalized. I will make a recommendation about the future of the building for the City Council based on the report, once the report is finalized, likely sometime in June.  My preference is to preserve existing programs and to provide a cost-effective, safe recreation facility.  The safety of building users is a primary concern.

Trends in Forms of Government.  Municipal Research Services Center identifies the following article near the end of the materials I shared last week, Trends in City and Town Forms of Government.  (Easy to google.)  The article lists all cities that have changed to either the strong mayor or council-manager forms of government since 1970, namely, 34 shifts to and adoptions of the council-manager form, and 13 shifts to and adoptions of the strong mayor form. These two numbers only include the most-recent shifts because in some cases, cities have shifted more than once since 1970.  From the year 2000, the count is 7-7, which is similar to the national trend articulated in the ICMA research data I also sent out last week.

Highline Heritage Museum.  Highline Heritage Museum is about to open in Burien. The ribbon cutting is currently slated for June 14, 4-6 pm, and area community participants are asked to bring their own scissors to a community ribbon cutting. The museum is located at 819 SW 152nd St. in Burien.

Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA  98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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