City Manager’s Weekly Report for week ending May 31, 2019

City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending May 31, 2019

Recreation Center Structural Engineering Report. To clarify the status of the Recreation Building, the building is not safe in a seismic event of significant duration or intensity. The Recreation Building is as safe as it has been for the last 60 years, but in the event of a big earthquake, we can expect it in some measure to collapse. The Recreation Center can be occupied without any restrictions under the building code per the Building Official. Upon notifying the city’s insurance of the structural report, the city’s insurance is intact. If the preschool wishes to stay in the Council Chambers for the remainder of the school year, it can do so. I will make a recommendation to Council after receipt of the final structural report, which I expect next week. Most likely, the city will be making progressive repairs to the building for some immediate life safety issues – unrelated to seismic integrity – subsequent to receipt of the final engineering report. Making necessary, fundamental, seismic retrofit safety repairs to the Recreation Center would cost around $1.2m, which seems like a lot of money for an old building at the end of its useful life. These repairs include: 1) sheeting the roof ($400K); 2) repairing the shear wall at the west wall of the building ($200K); 3) increasing the column strength at the steel moment frames ($300K); and 4) providing improved reinforcement for the masonry walls throughout the building ($300K). Making all these repairs, as stated in the draft report, will result in a building that has about 60% of the safety reliability of a modern day building that is built to code. The total cost to upgrade the Recreation Building for on-going use is identified in the draft report as $2,452,250. Once received, the final report will be published on the city website.

Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)

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