UPDATE: Tay and Candace Krull’s ‘Pardon or Dinner’ Turkey Food Drive continues, and the current tally shows that ‘Pardon’ ahead by 385 votes, or 38.75 percent:

    • 1186 ‘Pardon’
    • 801 ‘Dinner’

Here’s more info from Candace:

“Our youngest son, Daniel, did a speech over the intercom at his school Wednesday, telling everyone about the food drive, and they also dropped off donation boxes at the school.

“Next week should be super exciting! On Tuesday, Nov. 26, we’re doing a big Pardoning Ceremony. Normandy Park City Councilmember Susan West is working with the city manager to write an official proclamation of pardoning.

“KING5 will be broadcasting LIVE from the event.

“We have the Vice Principal of Marvista Elementary coming to say a few words.

“I believe the director of food services, and someone in public relations, will be coming from Seattle Union Gospel.

“Solstice Senior Living is decorating their bus and is planning to bring a bus full of seniors to deliver their pardon votes.

“It should be a big event! We’re really getting super pumped!!”


Be sure to vote by bringing non-perishable food donations to the ‘Dinner or Pardon’ Turkey Food Drive, located at the corner of SW 200th Street and 3rd Ave SW in Normandy Park: