City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending March 7, 2020

Novel Corona Virus Protection Measures. What public health actions might City of Normandy Park citizens experience?  King County Public Health indicates that actions taken will depend on the severity of the outbreak. To prevent COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-19) from spreading, King County has already recommended that large gatherings and public events (10 people or greater) should be postponed or cancelled, and that all employees who can telecommute do so. Also, King County has recommended that people over 60, as well as people who are immune compromised, or people with underlying conditions, or people who are pregnant, avoid groups of 10 or greater. It is not certain whether school and childcare dismissals will be recommended for a COVID-19 pandemic, but they may be. Schools, including preschools, are places where people are in close contact and have higher potential to spread infectious diseases. School dismissals may happen if a serious pandemic occurs. Dismissing schools may help slow the spread of disease before a pandemic becomes widespread in the community.  School authorities also may decide to dismiss schools if too many students or staff are absent. School dismissals and other “social distancing” recommendations may be challenging to plan for and implement in your household. You may, however, be asked to follow such recommendations for the safety and well-being for your household members and the community. Be prepared for the possibility that your child’s school (and extracurricular activities) or childcare facility may be temporarily dismissed. During such a time, children should not gather in groups in other locations.

Public Comment at the Upcoming Council Meeting. Due to the concern over the COVID-19 virus, and current public health directives, “Public Comment” is being taken in written form only for the upcoming City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 10.  All comments will be read into the record during the first Public Comment section.  The second Public Comment period has been removed from this agenda.  Obviously, we’re trying to continue to meet, hold down the meeting size to as close to less-than-ten as possible, and take written comments into the public record as read by the City Clerk to the whole City Council. To comment, please contact City Clerk Brooks Wall, at [email protected].  Your help is appreciated.

Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)