A new, local, helpful website has been created – ‘Normandy Park Call Chain’ – intended to assist Normandy Park seniors and disabled residents, as well as anyone else who needs a hand during the current crisis.

Organizers are also seeking Volunteers to help.

This free, new online service can be accessed here.


Here’s more info on how YOU can help from the website:

How Can You Help?

    • VOLUNTEER. Volunteers that donate their time time to call on others to make sure they are safe powers this chain. Every volunteer will have 5 people (homes) to call each day. We will check on each other, lean on each other and depend on each other and in this way we will feel that we are not alone.
    • TEAM LEADERS. Each team leader will have 5 “Contact Callers,” they will call and check on each day and to ensure that the 25 people that have been called are OK, or, if they need something, helps the Contact Caller to arrange the needed service, food, or supplies.
    • CONTACT CALLERS. Each of you will call 5 other residents in Normandy Park. You will make contact so we all feel that we are not alone. We are here for each other.
    • AREA LEADERS. Each area leader will have 5 Team Leaders they will check in with each day. They will help resolves any issues from the 100 calls to residents.