Restaurants in Normandy Park and Des Moines will benefit from a new program created by the local Rotary Club and Destination Des Moines (DDM) to generate food and drink sales while supporting frontline “superheroes.”

Dubbed “Rally for Restaurants,” the campaign will direct diner dollars to participating eateries through a “Buy One – Gift One” program.

Diners are asked to visit to browse among more than 20 locations offering take-out and, in most cases, dine-in food and beverages.

Customers are then encouraged to “Buy One – Gift One.” For example, a buyer might spend $50 and receive a $25 “virtual gift card” with another $25 going to a first responder, healthcare professional, or other frontline service worker. Newly developed online technology will deliver coded vouchers by e-mail to the customer: the “superhero” honorees will receive their gift cards directly from the sponsoring organizations.

Destination Des Moines and The Rotary Club of Des Moines and Normandy Park have joined forces to support the dozens of local restaurants in the area. Their contribution includes $2000 going toward additional gift cards for frontline heroes.

“’Rally for Restaurants’ is an opportunity to promote and sustain our outstanding dining communities,” said DDM president Tony Hettler. “They’ll be receiving 100% of the proceeds.”

We need your help in this Rally for Restaurants – here’s how you can get involved:

    1. Click below to shop/browse the restaurants we’re supporting.
    2. Purchase a virtual gift card for yourself and donate one to area first responders & frontline Medical staff.
    3. Enjoy food & drink all while you support our local restaurants, the people who work there, and our local superheroes.

Plus, Rotary & Destination Des Moines will be matching the first $2,000 in donations! We invite you to join us in this Rally for Restaurants and help keep our communities strong.

“Our restaurants have been incredibly challenged,” added Rotary president Connor Talbott. “We hope this is part of a new beginning.”

The program launches Monday, June 8, 2020,  and will run through June 25.

A diverse roster of restaurants and further details can be found at