In his July 10, 2020 report, Normandy Park City Manager Mark Hoppen discussed the possibility of allowing for a retail cannabis store within city limits.

This idea has been percolating in City Hall for the last few weeks, and has been discussed at city council meetings as a possible new tax revenue source.

“Like the Washington State liquor stores of the past, marijuana retail is a highly stable revenue source, that is conservatively estimated to bring $51,000 per year to the city in sales tax, and approximately an additional $7000 per year in State excise tax (in addition to the approximately $7000 per year the city already receives),” Hoppen said.

Currently, the closest cannabis stores to Normandy Park are Kush21 in Burien, and Greenside Recreational in Des Moines:

In his report, Hoppen said that resident Stan Harris is interested in establishing a marijuana retail shop on his property, the large parcel where Archie’s Mexican Restaurant is located (17821 1st Ave South; map below). A minor portion of this property in the northeast corner is being discussed.

To have marijuana retail on his property, three things would all have to happen:

  1. A subdivision of the currently consolidated site (an administrative action which is Stan Harris’ sole right to pursue);
  2. Removal of playground status at Nist Park from the PROS Plan (involving Parks Commission review, Planning Commission review and City Council determination);
  3. A reduction in the 1000’ radius to parks and daycares (how much would depend on the size and location of the parcel created).

Hoppen added:

“How these changes would affect other properties in NC and MU zoned properties should be assessed in order to determine the consequences of any legislative changes.  

“Marijuana retail currently functions throughout the State without particular consequence to law enforcement, other than a slight reduction to crime attributable to the first store in an area.

This proposed store would not be the first such store in the area.”

Washington state cannabis basics:

    • Anyone over 21 with a valid ID from any US State (or international passport) can legally purchase marijuana in Washington State, although some local jurisdictions have banned dispensaries within their city limits
    • Washington state’s cannabis excise tax is 37%, which is paid by customers at time of purchase
    • Retail dispensaries are responsible for collecting tax revenue
    • All legal cannabis stores deal in cash only
    • Cannabis bought for medical reasons is exempt from the state’s cannabis tax. A person must be a registered medical cannabis patient to not pay taxes

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