City Manager’s Report
For week ending Nov. 21, 2020

Enhanced Services Facilities – Siting and Regulations in Normandy Park.  Siting and regulating of Enhanced Services Facilities (ESFs) is a hot-button topic these past few years, recently in Normandy Park. Cities must comply with State statutes for siting and regulation of these facilities. “No ESFs” is not an option under State law.

At the November 19th Planning Commission Meeting, the Commission recommended that these facilities be limited to the one zone, RM-1800, a multi-family zone. This zone is currently used as multi-family residential, along with two existing commercial businesses. The commissioners voted unanimously to recommend that the City Council adopt Ord. 1016 for ESF siting in the RM-1800 zone to include the following conditions: 1) WA state certified security staff on-site 24 hours every day; 2) security/management plan to be reviewed by the Normandy Park Police Chief; and 3) a minimum of two staff on premises, 24-hours every day.

The Commission also unanimously recommended that the 2021 Comprehensive Plan docket include an amendment to the FLUM and to the zoning of two RM-1800 parcels to NC. These two commercial use parcels house the day care and dental office adjacent to the NC zone, Manhattan Village. The NC Zone does not allow ESF facilities.

The staff report and draft ordinance can be found on the city website by clicking the link within the Event calendar for the November 19th Planning Commission Meeting, provided here:

Local Aid Update. The City of Normandy Park Local Aid Program, using federal COVID-19 relief funds as approved by the City Council in September, met its objective. The program supported 17 businesses in Normandy Park with $5,000 grants each. These grant funds helped partially off-set the significant impacts that local businesses have experienced since March. Andrea Reay, Southside Chamber President and CEO, performed community outreach and provided technical assistance in coordination with city staff and Evergreen Business Capital. The city was required to distribute federal aid through a nonprofit. A full report will be provided at the December 8th City Council Meeting.

 COVID vaccine info.

  • King County info:
  • Washington State Department of Health: COVID-19 Vaccine webpage
  • CDC: COVID-19 Vaccines website
  • Prioritization information from DOH: National Academy of Medicine released the “Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine” consensus study report, which includes recommendations for ensuring equity in distribution, administration, and access to the vaccine; for effective community engagement, risk communication, and strategies to promote vaccine acceptance; and for equitable global allocation. Washington state will use this report to inform our planning and thinking for how we prioritize vaccine while there is a limited initial supply. King County Public Health expects to know more about ACIP’s recommendations for prioritization sometime this fall. ACIP has released draft recommendations pertaining to who will first be offered the vaccine. States may need to further prioritize groups beyond those recommendations because King County Public Health may initially not have enough vaccine to cover all the highest-priority groups during the first round. Public demand for COVID-19 vaccine likely will be high.
  • Some possibilities for the first priority groups to receive vaccine are:
    • Essential workers
    • Health care workers
    • Residents and workers at long-term care facilities

Information for restaurants.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
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