5,216 “THANK YOUS!” are being sent out to all who participated in the 2020 Krull family ‘Dinner or Pardon’ Food Drive!

“Every year we are blown away by our community’s generosity, but this year – especially with COVID – we never could’ve imagined the turnout we had,” Candace Krull said.

This was the third annual fundraiser event held by the Krulls at their Normandy Park home, where two turkeys are put on display with two bins – one market “Dinner” and the other “Pardon.”

Good news this year for the turkeys too, as ‘Pardon’ gobbled up around 2/3rds of total votes.

Here’s how many food items that were collected:

    • 2018: 2,434
    • 2019: 3,541 (+46% over 2018)
    • 2020: 5,216 (+47.3% over 2019!)

“Since the turkeys this year are both boys they will be split up, we will be keeping one on our mini farm in Normandy Park and the other will be moving to another farm,” Tay Krull told us. “Both to live long happy farm lives.”

Krull adds:

“We would like to thank the Normandy Park, Burien, Des Moines and other surrounding communities for their generous giving to the Seattle Union Gospel Mission through the Turkey Food Drive. We are inspired by our community each year and we are so thankful for the opportunity to continue this fun and meaningful Thanksgiving tradition.”

If you wanted to donate but didn’t get the chance to swing by, please visit UGM.org and donate online there.

“We hope you had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! AND We hope to see you all back again next November!”

Dinner or Pardon

Dinner or Pardon food drive