City Manager’s Report
for week ending Dec. 24, 2020

Governor Releases Washington State 2021-23 Budget Proposal. The Association of Washington Cities response to this release is here: City of Normandy Park legislative goals are reflected in this AWC response.

It is unlikely that the Governor will realize proposed revenue additions in this proposed budget. As a result, the state legislature will need to find ways to cope with $1.3 billion lower projected revenues. The total proposed operating (not capital) state budget is $55.7 billion. Compare this to the operating General Fund budget of Normandy Park in 2021 of $5.585 million. We all know how profoundly $400K (the rounded-down amount of the excess property tax Levy Lid Lift) affects the city General Fund budget and services. $400K is 7.2% of the city’s operating budget; $1.3B is about 2.4% of the proposed state budget. So, it will be interesting to pay attention to what happens to Normandy Park’s state-shared revenues (like gas tax or liquor tax, etc.) during this legislative session, since state-shared revenues are a likely part of the upcoming budget discussion.

Watch Normandy Park Yule Logs!
On Christmas Day, the city’s TV channels (Comcast 321 and 21) will show holiday spirit and air Yule Logs all day long – Normandy Park style! One features a festive fireplace with adorable, playful kittens (Kittens are cute!). The other features lovely Christmas decor that’ll take you back to your childhood (unless you’re still a child). Both Yule log hearths are in Normandy Park and the families hope you enjoy them! Would you like your holiday fireplace featured next year? Let us know and we’ll make this a special Normandy Park tradition! Contact: [email protected]

You can also watch the Yule Logs on December 25th here:

This festive video is brought to you by the City of Normandy Park and the Friends of Normandy Park Foundation.

I’ve got a Holiday hearth, but I don’t have a Yule log!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
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Normandy Park, WA 98166
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