City Manager’s Report
For week ending Feb. 27, 2021

Noise Monitors. A temporary noise monitor will be installed by the Port of Seattle at Marvista Elementary sometime next week. After a week or two of testing, it will begin collecting data for two months. The results should be interesting, since airport noise has not been assessed in this area prior. Normandy Park is the third jurisdiction to use this monitor.

StART Documents. All jurisdictions were in attendance at this week’s Sea-Tac Advisory Roundtable meeting. One of the chief items on the agenda was an explanation of the current FAA noise survey, an “annoyance” study, which I find to be a curiously insufficient label for a raft of public health issues, although the study does suggest the nature of the problem compared to the 1970’s. See: FAA Noise Survey  Other StART documents are attached, including the StART Annual Report and the Wednesday, February 24, 2021, meeting agenda.

Summary of City Council ’21-’22 budget goals. A Gantt chart of City Council adopted budgetary goals for ’21-’22 is attached. These goals conform entirely with Council adopted city goals for ’21-’22, except that goals for Community Development include economic development goals as developed for the consultant work adopted near the end of the ’21-’22 budget process. The chart provides estimated timelines for the beginning and conclusion of each goal. All of these goals will be briefly explained by department heads at the Council retreat during the afternoon session on March 6.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
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