Organizers behind the ‘Don’t Wreck the Rec’ campaign – who want to preserve Normandy Park’s Recreation Center – have provided an update:

Many discussions are happening privately, and between our Don’t Wreck The Rec Group with a few city council members, as we are trying to bring concerns and questions that need answering about the city’s financials, agenda and timelines, but also bringing our own solutions to the table for transitional spacing for programs to continue while a longer-term solution is being built or reconstructed.

One idea that we brought to the table and are discussing, (and that we hope to see the city address more seriously tonight), is the idea of a temporary transitional space that could be built quickly because it comes as a kit with everything included.The cost is doable right now. It would sit adjacent to possibly Marvista Elementary to replace the old City Storage facility that could be taken down, and after a more permanent Recreational Center is built at City Hall, then this building could be used and pay for itself by renting out the space for events and would be a beautiful addition to our city that would bring in more needed revenue! Some examples below, (and these are easily changed to make-shift for a gym, dance room or community meeting rooms.)

Our group has also committed to helping raise funds for a permanent solution to rebuilt or reconstruct the Current Rec Center to be used. We know the wonderful residents of Normandy Park CARE and would help jump in to INVEST in the FUTURE of our City and our Children to have a functioning, profitable Parks and Recreational Program like other cities where MORE programs could be added! If we come knocking on your door to campaign for Funds, we hope you will make a Pledge to help make it happen! Any volunteers who would like to help, please let us know!!

There is a common misconception that we have to submit and follow the lead of non-elected city managers, employees over departments, and City Council members who were elected to REPRESENT US and our needs and Interests! It is clear from many conversations and past events that the “Can keeps getting kicked down the road“, and there are some who wish to see the Rec Center just go away! We need to Speak up and continually put the pressure on!

TONIGHT!!!! City Council Workshop Via Zoom to talk about the Recreational Center is Tonight @7pm. Click on the link below to go to their page for the Zoom link to listen in:

City Council Workshop Meeting – City of Normandy Park

Thank you for your support! Please feel free to continue to submit your comments through the DON’T WRECK THE REC website so that we can help make this happen sooner for our children NOW and not 5-10 years down the road. A whole generation of kids will miss out if we wait on the city to move on this!