Marlaina's Mediterranean Kitchen

Musa and Jackie, owners of Marlaina’s Mediterranean Kitchen.

Four ways Marlaina’s Mediterranean Kitchen brings Healthy Dining to Burien

Burien has so many great restaurants to choose from that it may be tough to decide where to enjoy a delicious meal. In our current mid-pandemic state, knowing that an establishment has set an intention to provide an emphasis on their customer’s well-being could be a defining factor to help in choosing “The” place. Healthy is just what Musa and Jackie, owners of Marlaina’s Mediterranean Kitchen, have chosen to use as guiding principle in their physical establishment.

Healthy Intention #1: Water

It starts from the time a guest is seated and they are presented with a fresh vessel of Kangen water. Used in Japan for over 40 years, Kangen water is Hydrogen rich, Alkaline water claiming a higher anti-oxidizing potential. The advanced filtration process involves electrolysis, transforming tap water to Hydrogen rich Kangen Water®. Musa invested in this equipment years ago when establishing the business in Burien. “The water is fresh, clean, healthy and great tasting,” says Musa. You can learn more about the benefits of Kangen or alkaline water at the mind body green website here.

Healthy Intention #2: Air

Along with providing healthy water, the conscientious couple have also invested in technologies to provide clean air for their customers and employees. The GUV Light system, which they installed last June, has garnered much attention as a disinfecting light, which, combined with increased air exchange ventilation, is hailed as a positive safeguard in the time of Covid-19. Learn more from a 2020 NPR piece here.

Healthy Intention #3: Food

Nothing could be more central to a restaurant than the cuisine, and Marlaina’s Mediterranean menu provides healthy eating at its flavorful best. The benefits of a Mediterranean diet are well documented, and you will find wonderful choices in abundance. Whether you are a carnivore, vegan or following gluten free protocols, lamb shanks, warm, slow cooked stews, kebabs, grilled salmon and fresh Mediterranean salads are all waiting for you. And all their tasty appetizers are served with Musa’s famous homemade warm pita bread. Serving healthy, fresh food, deliciously prepared has been foundational to this well-loved eatery’s success, and has earned them scores of loyal customers.

Healthy Intention #4: Ambiance

As social animals, humans thrive when given opportunities for positive interpersonal contact. It’s pretty safe to say that has been lacking of late for so many of us. But at Marlaina’s, Jackie observes that customers have been cautiously gathering with distance and care for one another. On any given visit, guests may sit down as strangers, but seem to strike up camaraderie and bask in the relaxing feeling of being out and about once again. It helps that Marlaina’s offers a warm, cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of signature Mediterranean locales. As the weather begins to warm, their outdoor seating patio surrounded by roses and jasmine, is sure to be extremely popular as a welcome addition to your relaxing dining experience.

So there you have it! Four reasons to choose Marlainia’s from the myriad of options on the Burien dining scene. For now, they are open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday, 4 – 9 p.m., providing on-site dining, delivery (via UberEats) and Take-Out options. They are hoping to add lunches back in the near future. Catering, great wines, gift certificate and olive oil sales also available. Reservations are highly recommended to make sure you have a table during these COVID restriction phases. Check out their website for all the latest updates.

Give them a call or stop by soon:

Marlaina’s Mediterranean Kitchen
643 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 535-6420


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