Still searching for “The Big Gift”? Fiore Stone fountains at Zenith Holland Nursery can create a garden escape.

Fiore Stone fountains from Zenith Holland Nursery are a perfect way to add elements of tranquility to a backyard garden sanctuary. And who would not want to receive a gift of peace these days?

Verdant plants, colorful blooms and the gentle sound of flowing water are undeniably some of the most soothing elements you can add to your outdoor living scape; but how to bring a water feature to your garden without bringing in a contractor, digging for pipes and breaking the bank? The simple solution is to consider a high quality cast stone, self-contained fountain from Fiore Stone Inc., a fine manufacturer of premium stone fountains and statuary available at independent garden centers such as Zenith Holland Nursery.

“It’s actually quite easy,“ said Lyn Robinson, owner of Zenith Holland Nursery in Des Moines. “These fountains are completely self-contained and easy to maintain. All you need is a power source and the pump will keep the water recirculating, giving you that lovely sound to dampen other ambient noise. We love how it cuts down the intrusive noise of over-flights in our back patio. We can enjoy dinner outside and are much less distracted by airplane or other noise.”

The water simply needs an occasional top-off and some easy clean out from time-to-time. When the weather turns, there is not much more that needs to be done than to unplug the fountain and cover it if you so desire. However, that may not even be necessary, depending on the location. Lyn and her staff will be happy to instruct you on how to care for, and get the most of this wonderful garden investment, so that you may enjoy it for many, many years to come.

Fiore Stone Inc. draws on a rich Italian heritage and seven decades of business extending from their Southern California founding to become a nationwide supplier of some of the finest outdoor cast stone decor available. The product are made in America and each is hand finished to exacting standards. Their products are only found in independent retail locations of high caliber (take that, box store giants) and right now Lyn has an amazing selection of free-standing and wall fountains (several pallets worth!). There are traditional and contemporary styles, and a variety of finishes, sizes and price points to fit most budgets. If you are still looking for a “Wow! factor” gift, you owe it to yourself to check out Zenith Holland Nursery and consider adding a water feature to your patio or garden.

You can feel great about buying an American made product, sold by a local woman-owned business, which has been part of our south end business community since 1907. While you visit, you will enjoy friendly attention with your safety in mind following state and CDC Covid-19 guidance not to mention a vast selections of plants, pots, tools, home and seasonal decor and gifts galore in their new Gift Shop. Last but not least, the Famous Photo Hearth is available for you to snap festive photos with family, friends and even your well mannered pets!

Visit today to enjoy your best selection.

Zenith Holland’s Famous Photo Hearth

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