Normandy Park City Manager’s Report for week ending Feb. 25, 2022:

Catalytic Converter Theft: What you should know
As most of you have seen, heard, or perhaps even experienced, catalytic converter theft has become common in our area and nationwide. You may ask, what is the attraction or interest in catalytic converters? The top three reasons are:

    • Catalytic converters are valuable as scrap metal. They contain precious metals used to filter your emissions and reduce vehicle pollution. Catalytic converters can be sold to scrap yards for $150 to $200 per piece. Your cost to replace it can range from $2,000 – $2,500. It’s not cheap!
    • EASY TO STEAL. With a saw, catalytic converters can be removed in just a couple of minutes. The thief simply crawls underneath a vehicle and slices the converter free. They don’t even need to jack up the car in most cases!
    • HARD TO TRACE. It’s nearly impossible to identify them as stolen property. There are no identifying numbers or marks.

While converter theft is easy and common, it doesn’t mean that it is unpreventable! You can do several things to reduce your risk of becoming a victim. Here are some simple ways to deter thieves:

    • If parking in your locked garage is not an option, park your vehicle in a well-lit area close to your home. Bright, motion-censored lights are a great addition to anyone’s driveway! When away from home, park close to building entrances or near the access road. The increased pedestrian traffic will deter thieves.
    • Surveillance around your garage and/or driveway is also helpful.
    • KEEP IT MOVING. Parking in one area for an extended period, such as a commuter parking lot or leaving your car parked on the street, can give thieves more time to steal your catalytic converter. So, move your vehicle when possible.
    • If you have an alarm system on your car, calibrate it so vibration sets it off. This way, the alarm sounds if a thief tries to saw off the converter.
    • ANTI-THEFT DEVICES. There are many to choose from. Some you can even install yourself. Shields, Cages, Clamps, Alarms. A computer search will show you several options – whether you’d like to install one yourself or take it to a shop.

An additional way to deter theft is to engrave your VIN number or license plate onto your catalytic converter. This makes it identifiable if stolen and can persuade a thief to choose a different victim. Painting your catalytic converter a bright color can also be a deterrent. These things may also alert a scrap dealer that it was stolen, and they might decline to buy it.

Most importantly – Know your Neighbors. With all crime prevention, the more eyes and ears out, the less likely crime will occur. Knowing what is normal in your neighborhood will help you recognize behaviors that seem out of place. Always remember if it doesn’t feel right – it most likely isn’t. CALL 911 TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR!

Final Call to Join the City’s 2022 Focus Group
You are invited to join the City of Normandy Park 2022 focus group! As a member, you will assist the city in understanding the community’s needs. We are looking for dedicated individuals to participate in periodic surveys throughout 2022. The deadline for applying is March 2nd. Use this link to apply.

2020 Census
The American Community Survey (ACS) and National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provide school enrollment data at the national, state, school district, and city levels. Click this link for a side-by-side comparison of demographic estimates of children ages 0 to 19 that are enrolled in school and reside in Normandy Park and the Highline School District.

If you have any questions about these or other topics, please get in touch with me at [email protected].

“Have a great week!”

Amy Arrington, City Manager
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