Normandy Park City Manager’s Report for week ending Dec. 9, 2022

City Council will consider Land Purchase that will realign Walker/Sequoia Creek
At its December 13th meeting, the City Council will be asked to approve a purchase agreement for the parcel located at 17622 12th Ave SW.

The goal of the property acquisition is to create a new open space park that will provide the only public access to salmon spawning within Normandy Park. In addition, this project will include the installation of a newly designed fish-passable culvert.

This is an important piece of property to Normandy Park since both Walker and Sequoia Creeks cross the property. If you are familiar with the area, you know that Walker Creek is on the north side, and Sequoia Creek is on the south side. Acquisition of this parcel would support the restoration, including demolition of the existing residential structure, daylighting/realigning 115ft of Sequoia Creek, and reconnecting the creeks to their historical floodplain.

Here is the conceptual plan of how the parcel will be developed:

Because of this project’s environmental impact and benefit, the City has received strong support in grants and funding to help us move forward. In fact, the City has secured almost $2,000,000 in funding for this project, with the City contributing approximately $212,000. If the contract is approved on Tuesday, we will continue moving forward with this project. The plan is to focus on demolishing the existing structure in 2023, with creek realignment, site restoration, construction of bridges, and other improvements occurring between 2024 and 2026. Final restoration and project completion should be finalized by 2026.

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