REMINDER: Normandy Park United Church of Christ will be presenting the free Play “Hark the Harold” performed by Taproot Theatre this Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Admission is FREE, but registration is required:


Mark your calendars for this meaningful entertainment bringing to light the origins of the Christmas tradition in a lighthearted re-telling.

Below is a brief synopsis as found on the Taproot Theatre website.

“Hark the Harold”
by Melanie Hampton

Back by popular demand! “There’s no way they’d give me a mission that important!” Harold is not the brightest angel in the heavenly host and his enthusiastic shenanigans are really trying the patience of his new partner, Gabriel. As the two carry messages to Zechariah, Joseph, and Mary, will they realize God’s plan for redemption? Find out while watching the Nativity unfold from a heavenly perspective in Taproot Theatre’s hilarious production of Hark the Harold this Christmas.

NPUCC is located at 19247 1st Ave S, Normandy Park:

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