The Normandy Park Community Club (NPCC, aka “The Cove”) Board of Trustees announced this week that it has decided to ban fireworks at The Cove for this 4th of July, following a member survey conducted last summer.

The survey received 500 responses, representing nearly 65% of the membership, with a significant majority favoring the ban.

Survey Results:

  • 7%:Ban fireworks and close the beach and grounds.
  • 36%: Ban fireworks but keep the beach and grounds open.
  • 28%: Ban fireworks and hire a professional fireworks company on the 4th.
  • 12%: Allow personal fireworks on the 3rd and hire a professional fireworks company on the 4th.
  • 8%: Limit attendance and require pre-registration.
  • 9%: Do nothing and maintain current policies.

“With a 70% majority of our members not wanting to have personal fireworks on the NPCC property, the Board voted to ban fireworks this year,” NPCC said in a Facebook post. “Several factors entered the discussion, including environmental impact, noise, and safety, yet the foremost justification was the desire of our members.”

Despite the ban, the beach and grounds will remain open for family picnics, BBQs, games, campfires, and other holiday activities.

No fireworks of any kind will be permitted on the property.

Enhanced security measures will be in place, including additional security monitors, off-duty police officers, and volunteers at all entrances to ensure only members and their guests are allowed on the property.

Minors are limited to one guest each, and no unaccompanied minors will be allowed on the property after dark.

These rules will be strictly enforced.

“Understanding that this may be an imposition for some, the decision supports the majority of our members,” NPCC said. “We trust that all of you will respect this position to ban fireworks at the Cove. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!”