City Manager’s Weekly Report
for week ending June 27, 2020

Fireworks. Fireworks can only be discharged within the City of Normandy Park from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the 3rd of July and from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the 4th of July. Fireworks can only be lit on a person’s own property or with the permission of the property owner. No one can light off fireworks in any parks, streets, or public right of ways. Any violation is a misdemeanor with a mandatory court appearance. For the full rules and regulations see Chapter 7.32 of the Normandy Park Municipal Code.

Governor Orders Masks Inside at all times and Outside within 6’ of others. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor with a fine of $25-$100 dollars – RCW 70.05.120 (4), WAC 246-100-070(3). Unless we want to lose Phase 2 status and go backwards, we need to mask up! I believe that Normandy Park and Western Washington can take on the mission and uniformly meet the criteria for Phase 3.

You can read about the particulars of this order here:

From the Washington State Joint Information Center: Gen. (Ret) Jim Mattis wants you to wear a mask. Fellow Washingtonian and former Defense Secretary Gen. (Ret) James Mattis has joined efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Gen Mattis knows now is not the time to let down our guard – maintain your distance and wear your mask. Watch his video message below.

Comcast Franchise Renewal. The city and Comcast have been discussing a temporary franchise extension agreement, in part to set-up an HD channel for a higher quality television image, but Comcast is going to forego the short term extension. Comcast is going to unilaterally set-up the HD channel, which makes sense. Instead, the city will focus on the consortium renewal of the long-term franchises between Medina, Yarrow Point, Clyde Hill, and Normandy Park. As part of that process, the cities represented will specifically look at the Competitive Equity and PEG channel language exchanged as part of the draft extension. Elana Zana, Ogden Murphy Wallace, is working with me to complete the franchise renewal process. Obviously, there is an economy of scale by sharing costs with other cities in this process.

House at 19655 Marine View Drive. The City of Normandy Park has sent a notice of intent to abate a public nuisance to the property interests in the house and real property at 19655 Marine View Drive S.W. (This is the second such notice I have sent while employed in Normandy Park, the first was five years ago below Nist Park on Normandy Road. You can still see the location of the demolished house.) Because this property is a health and safety hazard, the processing of all permits for demolition, and for clearing and grading of the property, is a top priority for all departments. Subsequent to compliance, the property may enter the real estate market. This action will not be at the city’s ultimate expense, and will most likely be resolved by property interests.

– Mark E. Hoppen, City Manager
City of Normandy Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (Direct Phone)