Normandy Park’s new Branding Guide – at a cost of $70,000 – was presented to the City Council last week, and below are the new logos, designed by 575, Inc., a Normandy Park branding agency.

Here’s some background from the Feb. 14 City Council packet:

“As part of its 2021 Goal Setting Process, the City Council identified branding as a top priority goal and tasked the City Council Communications Committee with putting together a recommendation. After months of planning, research, and discussions, the Communications Committee presented a plan to the City Council in February of 2022 to develop a brand guide for the City with the professional assistance of 575, Inc., a Normandy Park Branding Agency. With the plan approved, the Communications Committee and 575 began work on developing the City’s brand in April 2022.

“The process started with the establishment of a focus group of interested Normandy Park residents. Through a series of surveys sent to these residents, as well as surveys to City staff, Council members, and discussions within the Communications Committee, 575 was able to create a persona for the City’s brand that laid the foundation for visual and voice identity creation.

“The visual identity and voice identity elements of the City’s brand were developed by 575 with the guidance of City Manager Amy Arrington, Council Member Mike Bishoff, Stormwater Coordinator Jessie Medrow, and Parks & Recreation Manager Aimee Lloyd. These elements were then shared, discussed, and agreed upon by the Communications Committee and City Council, with the new logo design chosen through a survey to the City Council.

“A year’s worth of branding development work culminated in delivering this brand guide to the City Manager at the end of November 2022.”

The new logo consists of four main elements:

  1. Trees
  2. Water
  3. Sun
  4. Title/subtitle.

The city’s new logo in its “Day” version.

The “Night” version.

And for reference, here’s the current (or “old”) logo that’s being replaced:

“This guide was developed to strengthen the City’s identity, highlight the City’s uniqueness, generate community pride, and improve influence,” the city said. “It will guide staff in consistent, efficient, and effective communication with the public.”

Residents should keep an eye out for the new City logo, which should be implemented soon.

“A big thank you to all the residents who helped and participated in the process!”

So…what do YOU think of the new logo? Please leave a comment below…