The City of Normandy Park is currently working on the first component of the updated Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (PROS), and they’re seeking public feedback.

Residents are encouraged to participate in outreach over the next year by engaging in surveys, sharing ideas, and helping guide the City’s PROS plan.

Every six years, to maintain the City’s eligibility to compete for state outdoor recreation funding, the City of Normandy Park needs to update its Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan.

A PROS Plan serves as the community-driven implementation guide and strategic plan for managing and enhancing the City’s park and recreation services. The plan will:

  • Identify its parks system’s current inventory and condition.
  • Propose updates to service standards for parks and trails.
  • Understand the community’s goals and objectives.
  • Address other management considerations needed to continue providing quality recreation opportunities.

The success of these types of planning efforts is based on understanding Normandy Parks’ desired quality of life, so inclusive public engagement is the cornerstone. There will be multiple opportunities to participate in the planning process, including online digital surveys, community workshops where everyone can help plan and design their parks, pop-up booths at City events, and more!

This survey marks the start of the project and the public engagement process, so we need your help identifying how you use the current facilities and programs and solicit preferences for desired improvements. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

“Your voice is the most important piece of this process, so please fill out the survey completely, and remind your friends and neighbors to take it, too!”

Click here to take the survey