The latest installment of KD Hall’s talk show, “Conversations with KD Hall,” is set to air this Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 7 p.m. on KING5 and KING5 Plus.

Episode 2, a pivotal part of a four-part series titled “Behind Sports Edition with Champions of Change,” continues KD’s 19-year journey of storytelling and connecting diverse voices.

This episode features an in-depth look at the lives of elite athletes making significant impacts both on and off the field. KD Hall sits down with Doug Baldwin Jr., Cliff Avril, and Bookie Gates to explore their roles as agents of social change and how their dedication extends beyond sports into helping nonprofits and community initiatives – check out the promo below:

Hosting ‘Conversations with KD Hall’ has always been about bringing to light the stories that inspire and transform communities,” KD Hall said. “This episode is particularly special to me as it reaffirms my commitment to storytelling as a tool for connection and change. Sitting down with the Champions of Change has been a reminder of the power of purpose and the impact one can make through dedication and passion.”

Viewers can expect a compelling dialogue that delves into the athletes’ commitment to their causes, illuminating their efforts to foster positive change in their communities. The episode also highlights the athletes’ achievements and sparks a conversation about the importance of community support for nonprofits.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode of “Conversations with KD Hall.” Tune in to KING 5 or KING 5 Plus on April 27m 2024 at 7 p.m., and follow KD’s ongoing storytelling journey at:


About KD Hall Communications:

KD Hall Communications is an independent, Seattle-based media company that produces high-quality, impactful storytelling content. Founded by KD Hall, the company specializes in connecting people from diverse backgrounds through engaging and insightful narratives.

About “Conversations with KD Hall”:

“Conversations with KD Hall” is a talk show devoted to exploring stories of change, transformation, and hope. Hosted and executive produced by KD Hall, the show examines the personal and professional journeys of notable figures, aiming to inspire viewers through powerful storytelling.

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