Highline Public Schools announced on Friday, Sept. 6 that it’s been having issues with bus routes during the first week of school.

“Some middle and high school bus routes have been over capacity this week,” the district said in an email. “This means some students have had to wait for a second bus. This is making some students late to school and late arriving home.”

Luckily, teachers didn’t count these students as tardy.

The district added:

We are working hard to adjust our routes so that no students have to wait for a bus.

Leaders at each school site are aware of the situation will not be marking your student tardy. They will also make sure students have the opportunity to get breakfast.

Bus drivers will provide students with a letter of any changes to your child’s bus stops, route number or pickup times.

We again ask for your patience this next week or so as we make the needed adjustments.

Thank you.

Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield reacted with this Tweet: