On Thursday night, Jan. 9, 2020, a Community Meeting on ‘Understanding the Mental Health & Drug Crisis’ was held in front of a packed room at the Normandy Park Rec. Center.

It featured Rep. Tina Orwall and Sheri Healy of SeaDruNar, was organized by resident Melissa Petrini, and was sponsored by the Rapid Relief Team.

The purpose of the meeting:

“Neighbors are concerned about:

      • The increasing rate of homelessness, crimes, and drugs in our community and neighboring cities.
      • The decreasing sense in safely/regulations.
      • More lawless individuals not being held accountable.
      • Wanting to encourage our local leaders to take action.”

“We are seeking to educate and inform ourselves, and then help create a plan of action of where our efforts could be best utilized to help create the safe community we want to see.”

Watch our full video below:

KOMO News was there as well:

The next Community Meeting is set for Feb. 13, 2020, and will feature Burien Police Chief Ted Boe.