Highline Public Schools is planning for a return to some limited in-person instruction beginning March 1, the district announced this week.

The decision is based on state and local public health guidance to phase in small numbers of students, starting with elementary grades and students with special needs.

Public health authorities are not recommending a return to in-person instruction for middle and high school students yet.

The district has been closed to in-person education since April 6, when Gov. Jay Inslee closed all schools statewide.

“Our plan is to bring students back for hybrid instruction (part-time in classrooms, part-time in distance learning),” the district said.

Families who wish to continue in Distance Learning my opt to do so.

Here’s a video message on the new plan from Superintendent Susan Enfield:

Message from the Superintendent January 15 | Hybrid Learning from Highline Public Schools on Vimeo.